Being a Gypsy Momma

I AM A GYPSY MOMMA! My parenting is unconventional but being a Gypsy Momma is something that I’ve grown to love. I’m not like most mothers; I’m a lot more fun. When I show up to pick my daughter up from school, I’m often reminded of how different I am. Let’s just say that I’m usually the only one with bright red hair, sporting a Metallica t-shirt on the school yard. A small boy declared proudly to me one day, “You look like the little mermaid.” Oh, I wear that hair proudly because I am one badass momma. I have a small human whom I adore and we have a special relationship with an insane bond. Like all mother’s, I am fiercely protective of her; she just has to deal with a little weirdness.  

Being a gypsy momma isn’t always a popular thing among traditional households. I don’t spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking for different ways to do my daughter’s hair and I’m definitely not the most organized mother out there, but I just don’t think that’s important. My goal in life has always been to make sure that she has a better life than I did and I think that I’ve done a damn good job of that. I’m never going to be a soccer mom and that’s more than fine with me. Playdates with more than a couple of kids make me uncomfortable, mainly because I’m not a fan of situations that involve 20 kids running around screaming. Not fun. There are many ways of parenting and flying your freak flag is one of them. My daughter is well aware that she has a very different mother and she’s embraced it. Don’t get me wrong, she goes to bed on time and she still has to do her homework, but we have a very laid back household.

I realized that my daughter embraced my weirdness when I came across a letter she wrote while cleaning her room. We laugh about this letter all the time because it’s hilarious and perfect. “My mom is going crazy, but she is not drunk, she is just a weird woman. She is not the only one; I am the different one because I am so weird and nuts. BUT I am not as weird as my mom!” Awesome, right?! I love this kid.

The best part about being a gypsy momma is the fun that my girl and I have together. We laugh a lot and have no problem being silly together. We were once waiting for a table at Red Lobster and the hostess had to interrupt us in the middle of making silly Snapchats in the lobby to tell us that our table was ready. So, embrace your weirdness all you mothers out there, you don’t have to follow the pack! As long as there is lots of love in the house, that’s all that matters.

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