She's Raw That Girl, But So Real

When I first started writing You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine, I wasn’t even really sure where it was going. It took me years to put it together because I kept stopping, stalling mostly because the idea of baring my soul for all to see terrified me. Who wouldn’t be terrified, right? Talking about things that happen to us in life is not easy for anyone. So, I would start and then stop, let it sit for a few months and honestly there were times when I was just going to let it go. But something always drew me back in. There was a story there inside of me and the damn thing was determined to get out.

One of my lost loves once told me that I was “raw and real.” He couldn’t have described me better. At times, I walk around like a vault, like nothing can stop me, while other times I walk around like an open wound. I love deeply, which means that there is a big chance that I’m going to get hurt badly.

So, the big question is, why this book, why now?

It’s simple. I have a story to tell. I’ve experienced a lot in my life and although I’m still relatively young, these experiences have helped define who I am today. I want to share my experiences now with others in the hopes that maybe someone will read my words and it will help them to feel less alone or even help brighten their day. People talk about their experiences for one reason because sometimes it feels damn good to get them out. It’s kind of like a verbal exorcism.

Although there are tragedy and pain in my story, there are also some pretty good laughs. Mainly because I’m super weird and awesome, all rolled into one. So, my stories are definitely out there at times but trust me if you go crack open this book, you won’t regret it.

My story has an Evil Queen, a demented father, some amateur boxing and even a stolen cat!

Some of these stories will have you laughing out loud, while others times you will find yourself under the blankets at night whispering, "WTF..." It’s the kind of book you won’t be able to put down; you will want to know what happens to the crazy redhead next.

With the book launch just right around the corner, my heart skips just a little faster as the days go by. So why don’t you all get on that rollercoaster ride with me because it’s going to be a wild ride!

Read Excerpt of You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine here

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