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Blog Tour & Giveaway! Gun Kiss by Khaled Talib

October 10, 2018

Why do I want to become a writer?


Khaled Talib


I’ve been asking myself this question for a long time, and I’m not sure if my answer makes any sense, but let me share them with you: why do artists paint and actors act? Why do poets write poetry? Why is a movie director happy behind a camera? Would astronaut Neil Armstrong be happier if he was a bodybuilder? Would I be good in designing fashion wear?

I think we’re all born with a talent. Some of us have more than one, but which one are we better at? I don’t see myself doing anything else. Sometimes it’s because I want to share my enthusiasm and writing is the best platform to do it.    


I tried to run away from writing many times; I felt it was an unrealistic ambition. But the little voice inside me kept reminding me not to stray. I wanted to be like everybody else because I didn’t want to be alone. Writing is such a solitary affair.


I’ve had this yearning to write since I was a kid, having read many books. But I didn’t know where to begin. I remember when I was around eleven finding a novella in a box at home. It was written by a sixteen-year-old French girl. I remember asking myself, “How do I become like her, an author?”


I had all these lingering questions, but I didn’t know who to ask. I lived in an environment where opportunities weren’t unavailable.  So, I did the next best thing; I became a journalist  because it also involved some form of writing. I worked for an industrial newspaper, it wasn’t fun, but at least it allowed me to do something with words.


Then I got a job with a lifestyle magazine. It was more colorful. I enjoyed interviewing people and writing  feature stories. There was room for creativity. All these experiences played a part later in my novel writing life. I learned how to research for my novel and how to contact the right person to fact check. But I still felt something was missing.


I kept pushing away the thought of writing a novel because I didn’t want anyone to laugh at me. Maybe it was a whimsical dream. Perhaps I should adopt the herd mentality. But the little voice wouldn’t let me go. I tried defying it, but my subconscious was bothering me, encouraging me to  do it. Then I realized I didn’t have to compete with any other author—I just had to be myself.  


The voice grew louder, so I decided to give it a go. It wasn’t easy. The amount of rejections I received was so intimidating I almost gave up. But I was tenacious.


When I saw my first novel published with endorsements from several New York Times bestselling authors, I realized who I am.


I like what I do. It’s like having chocolates nonstop without ever feeling sick.




The United States media is abuzz with news of the mysterious disappearance of Hollywood movie star, Goldie St. Helen. 

Ex-Delta Force Blake Deco receives a tip from a Mexican friend that a drug lord, obsessed with the beautiful actress, is holding her captive in Tijuana.

With the help of a reluctant army friend, Blake mounts a daring rescue.

What he doesn’t expect is to have feelings for Goldie—or that a killer is hunting them.




Clad in tactical black, Blake rested on his chest in the dark chaparral. He watched his curly-haired friend beside him maneuver the tiny dragonfly drone with his phone. The luminous screen showed its flight path toward Dai Lo’s hacienda in the northeastern outskirts of Tijuana, nothing around it for miles.


The drone sent back images of the 375,000 square feet compound, including some of Dai Lo's men patrolling. It hovered in front of the three-floor mansion built with stacked balconies and double-hung windows. It then swooped down to a porch with three tall columns under a pediment. Finding no entry point, Jack raised it up again.


“I’m going to circle behind,” Jack said.


“Do that,” Blake responded.


“You going to kill Dai Lo?” Jack asked.


“Not unless I have to. I’m not an assassin,” Blake said.


“So why did you give Chavez the impression you will?”


“If Chavez knew what I was thinking, he wouldn’t give me the weapons. Then how are we going to save the actress?”


“You better know what you’re doing, Blake.”


“If you still want to go on that European tour, start thinking positive.”


The tiny drone went around the mansion and flew past a lit pool, buffeting over a garden and an annex connected by a sheltered catwalk. It moved sideways until it came to a lit corner window on the third level. The visual zoomed closer to the windowsill and sent back an image that left both men recoiling with gasps.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Khaled Talib is a former journalist with local and international exposure. He has authored three thrillers since 2014.


The author's works have been praised by NY Times bestselling author Gayle Lynds, NY Times bestselling author Ruth Harris, USA Today bestselling author Jon Land, NY Times bestselling author Keith Thomson, K.J. Howe, and Jon McGoran.


His debut thriller, Smokescreen, was listed as one of the six "boundary-breaking indies" in 2016 by the IndieReader. His second novel, Incognito, won the Silver Award for the AuthorsDB Book Cover Contest 2017. Gun Kiss is his third novel.


Khaled, who is also a member of the International Thriller Writers, resides in Singapore.


Authors website:

Twitter account:

Author Facebook account:


Author Amazon page:


Gun Kiss (YouTube) Book Trailer:


GUN KISS Buy links:


The book will be on sale for only $0.99!


Author website direct:


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Khaled Talib will be awarding a Amazon Fire 7 8GB tablet to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. The prize is limited to U.S. and Canada only. Click Here!

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