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Book Review & Giveaway! The Arts of Love: Stories of Sensual Creativity by Harley Easton

December 4, 2018


4 Stars: 


Love can come in many forms and that’s why I loved the book so much. There is surely a story for everyone in this collection. There are varied people as often as you see her varied stories.




You know what they say about those creative types... 

Playful, rebellious, sensitive and passionate, nobody loves like an artist. These sixteen stories set the stage for racy encounters with bad boy rock stars, sensual actors, and artists seeking their muse. Inside this collection you'll find:

* A drummer aching to satisfy the one woman who doesn't recognize that he's a rock star 
* A writer unaware that his fans and former assistant find him undeniably attractive
* An eccentric college professor enticing her protégé with informal lessons on dance, drawing, and desire
* A  stage manager struggling to remain professional with the show's sexy director 

Whether you're looking for a playwright provoking her friend's uptight cop neighbor to help with blocking, two choir men battling for the affection of the girl-next-door, or a struggling writer finding an unusual muse in the Japanese countryside, this collection will have you ready for romance.




From Resonance


He’d sat outside the café every day for a week then disappeared. Only a short time later she’d heard the violin music drifting across the street. From the window, she’d had a clear view of those long fingers stroking the strings of the wooden instrument with a lover’s touch. After that, she’d asked around. Apparently he was indeed brilliant, but he knew it. He’d made short work of angering all the neighbors with his sharp tongue and condescending words. Still, Colette didn’t want him to talk to her; she merely wanted him to look at her.


And it had happened. She caught him looking up at her flat in the evenings as she stood by the window, brushing out her long hair. Colette could tell he was studying her, trying to decide what to make of the girl who wore barely-there boyshorts in full view of the street.


Today, she was waiting. He played his violin every morning at 5am despite neighborhood complaints. You could set your watch by the second he picked up the bow. On this lazy Sunday morning, when the café would be closed and nobody would be on the street, Colette had woken early to watch him play. Planning on playing a bit herself, she’d thrown on a simple white cardigan and nothing else. She’d be disappointed if he didn’t show.



From Cinnamon Roll

“I don’t get it, Kel.” He dropped his spoon into the dessert bowl and threw himself back against the booth with a huff. “I’ve asked interviewers, talked to my agent, even looked into the fan forums. Bad idea, by the way,” he added. “I understand the fanfiction about my characters, but didn’t realize they’d be writing it about me.”


The spoon was midway into her mouth when he said that. Kelly paused and set it in the bowl. “You’re not serious?” The half-question half-statement slid out of her lips slowly, dropping between them as she began putting the pieces together.  


The entire time she’d worked with Isaac, she’d found him to be light-heartedly self-deprecating. She’d watched as he’d put giggly, embarrassed fans at ease at signings by telling them they were beautiful, way out of his league. His stylist had gripped about his insistence on the same haircut because ‘Nothing else will make me look any better.’ She could almost hear the echoes of him cracking jokes about being a writer, not a movie star before televised interviews.  


His hair had fallen across the left side of his face, shadowing his expression, but not the truth. He really didn’t know.  


“Isaac, do you really not understand? Nobody has spelled it out for you? How can you have had a decade of success and still not understand that you are drop dead gorgeous?” Her voice raised in pitch and volume as she vented her disbelief. “If you bothered to read anything other than the fanfiction you would know that you have been dubbed a ‘sexy cinnamon roll.’”


“A what?”


“A ‘sexy cinnamon roll.’” She picked up a heaping spoonful of bread pudding and displayed it for emphasis. “Just like this dessert. Tempting. Delicious. Absolutely perfect with a yummy center.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Harley Easton Bio: A Renaissance woman dabbling in everything life offers, Harley has worked at a theme park, found expert witnesses, guest lectured at a national museum, and worked with medical students. Putting experience and insanity to good use, she’s found her favorite job, writing. Now she specialize in erotic, romantic, and speculative fiction, writing and editing with the author collaborative The StoryPenners (Melt, Haunt, Summer Fair), and for small press publishers like Lit Select (Love Slave series), Sexy Little Pages (Love of the Game, Inked, Ticket to Ride), and Sin Cyr Publishing (Getting It, Owning It). Who knows what kind of trouble she’ll get into next. Find out at




Twitter: @harley_easton

Amazon Buy Link:

Draft2Digital Buy Link:


Harley Easton will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Click Here!

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