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September 24, 2019


This is an inspirational read, one that anyone could pick up and learn something from. There is magic in this book right from the introduction. Gier Gigja is from Iceland, and he has spent his life on a “journey of personal exploration.” He is unlocking...

May 10, 2019

 5 stars!

“None of us can escape our humanity.”

Isn’t that the truth and it’s even truer when you have lost someone that you love. Families can be complicated and we can all probably understand what’s it’s like dealing with a difficult family member. For Ann Marie Hancoc...

May 7, 2019

 Review: 5 star rating!

An Informative Guide to Harmful environmental Toxins

Your Body’s Environmental Chemical Burden is a reference guide for toxins that’s perfect for the 21st century. It’s a book for anyone that is conscious about the harmful effects of toxins on one...

February 25, 2019



A decade after Logan walked out on Maddy, he returns, and emotions long banked surface, then everything becomes complicated and dangerous.


Thrown together, and neither is happy about it, Meg and Declan navigate their unwanted growing att...

February 1, 2019


After getting blacklisted from the venture capital industry, twenty-nine-year-old Edward Vaughan will do anything to avoid telling his wife what happened. Even if it means agreeing to her dream of bicycling around the world. Kara, tired of being married to a work...

February 1, 2019

Author Advice: 

I’m going to give the advice I always do in my English classes. It goes back to Keats’ notion of negative capability: “When a man is capable of being in mysteries, uncertainties, doubts without any irritable reaching after fact and reason.”

What that mean...

January 31, 2019


Question: A seductress steals your husband, rips apart your family and shatters your dreams.


a) Wish them luck, and walk away with your head held high (because that’s what society expects you to do)?

b) Quietly seethe, but accept that there is just nothing...

January 31, 2019

NOTE: The book is only $0.99.  The first book is available for a limited time for free on Smashwords.


Neither Tiara Blake or Delmar Devereaux has a past to be proud of. With a joint history packed with dishonesty, blackmail—and a juicy, torrid love affair—the pair...

January 25, 2019


The year is 1095, Normandy, France. Five year old Skylar runs away into the woods to escape nuns who are convinced her inexplicable seizures are the work of satan. She survives after being adopted by wolves, when two mysterious strangers appear and reveal Skylar’...

January 24, 2019

4 Stars: 

As an author, finding a book like this is like a dream come true. If you are looking to market your book, then this is a great resource for you. It’s an amazing book for authors, I highly recommend it.


Congratulations, indie author!

You’ve finished your bo...

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