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Review For You Can’t Drive Your Car to Your Own Funeral

5 stars!

“None of us can escape our humanity.”

Isn’t that the truth and it’s even truer when you have lost someone that you love. Families can be complicated and we can all probably understand what’s it’s like dealing with a difficult family member. For Ann Marie Hancock, this family member came in the form of her mother who not only had cancer but was someone who was difficult to deal with. I loved how she imparted knowledge on how to keep your sanity in difficult situations.

I may have enjoyed the book more because I’m a Christian, so I enjoyed the faith-based writing that Ann presented. It reminded me of my own faith and why I am a believer. Ann presents many lessons throughout her book including one on self-love that anyone, regardless of their religion can benefit from.

I love the humor in her book, it’s something that I relate very much to in my life and I enjoyed Ann’s humor as she talked about her mother. Even though she is talking about the passing of a loved one, she managed to have a great sense of humor about everything that she experienced.

It’s a heartfelt story that will have you appreciating even the most difficult family members. Highly recommended.

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