Why Loving Yourself First Can Make You Feel Immortal

Yeah, I said it, immortal. Admit it, the last time you took yourself to get your nails done or bought yourself something nice, didn’t you just feel incredible about yourself? You walked just a little taller, feeling like you could just about do anything, that taking on the day was no longer impossible? That’s why taking care of yourself is the most important thing of all.

I’m certainly someone who is guilty of taking care of literally everyone around me first before myself. There are times that I have worked from dawn to dusk while cooking may man meals, planting kisses all over my daughter’s face, cleaning the toilet and giving my bloody little gecko a bath. Not once during those insane days did it ever occur to me to take a relaxing bath or sit out on the porch with a glass of mine for (oh my god!) 15 minutes. I’m partly to blame, I’m extremely driven and determined to make my dreams come true even if it kills me. The problem is the way that I’ve been going lately, I’m more likely to burn out than to ever see my dreams come true.

We are almost shamed in our society to love ourselves. That’s why we instantly feel guilty when we do something nice for ourselves. We have to be selfless when it comes to taking care of our children and even the men in our lives. How dare we ever ask for anything ourselves.

The truth of the matter is, we have to properly love ourselves before we can truly take care of another person. You fuel your body with self-love and it makes you capable of loving with your whole heart. You don’t want to become a bitter and resentful person and that’s bound to happen if you give your all without getting anything in return. I know women who don’t wait around for a man to bring them flowers. They are taking themselves out to fancy restaurants and they stare at gorgeous bouquets that they picked out for themselves. They go after what they desire and they make being happy an absolute priority. Being happy every day is essential to having that alive, immortal feeling because happy people can take over the world.

By loving yourself, you are saying that you are worth it, that you deserve the best. By buying those stunning shoes or going out for brunch with the ladies, you allow love to create a whole new person in yourself and that person is going to be able to love the hell out of everyone around them. So, ask yourself what you need to do to feel immortal today and then go out and do it.


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