The Ageless Author

I’ve always been blessed with great genetics, maybe it’s the Irish blood in me, but I’ve been able to skate through life appearing much younger than I actually am. Most people when they find out I’m on the doorstep of my 40th birthday, they are shocked. It’s a great feeling, I’m not going to lie. But despite the fact that I’ve never looked my age, I have noticed some changes over the years as I’ve gotten older.

We know our faces better than anyone. It wasn’t even just the crow’s feet that were appearing, but I noticed that I looked tired all the time, even on those Sunday mornings when I would sleep in luxuriously underneath my quilt. It didn’t seem to matter what cream I tried at the drugstore; I couldn’t get rid of that “tired” look that I had. After a while, I just didn’t look like myself. As I said, we know our faces and we know when things have changed before anyone else will.

I decided to go to a Charity event that Coral Medical Spa was hosting and that was the first time that I met Dr. Sherman. I had never considered the idea of getting Botox or fillers before. It just seemed like something rich and famous people did. I had also seen enough Hollywood horror stories that made me want to avoid the “frozen” look that celebrities typically get when they aged. I didn’t want to stop looking like me I just wanted the old me back.

I ended up sitting down for a consultation with Dr. Sherman to get more information on how everything worked. It was refreshing to hear that she wasn’t interested in altering my appearance, that everything she did at the spa was to maintain a natural look. That sounded a lot better than what I originally worried about. She didn’t freeze faces and she had real alternatives to get rid of the tired look that I had. That was the most exciting part of all.

When I first went in for my Botox appointment, I was both elated and nervous; I wasn’t sure what to expect or whether it would be painful. I was even a little worried about what I was going to look like after the fact. It turned out the needle was no more than the pinpricks you would expect from it. I experienced some bruising as a result of the procedures, but that had more to do with low iron than it did with what they were doing.

Everyone on the staff was more than friendly and happy to answer questions even after I left. I had a little bit of anxiety about the whole thing, but the results were more than I could have hoped for.

Next came the fillers, I was most excited about this procedure because it was going to wash away my tired eyes. I found it more painful than the Botox but nothing major. It was a procedure that you need to get used, again most of my fears had to do with not knowing what to expect. Once things got underway, I was able to relax. The procedures themselves don’t take very long and you are left feeling refreshed.

The after effects were the best part of the experience. It wasn’t so much the wrinkles that disappeared or the fact that I didn’t look tired all the time. I finally felt like myself again. The old me was back and that was the best feeling in the world. Botox is a personal choice for everyone, but I couldn’t have been happier that I went for it myself.

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